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Zamia also is known as Zamioculcas Zamifolia or ZZ plant is one of the easy to grow houseplants which is long lasting, affordable and needs least maintenance. This is probably the best plant for the first time plant owner. It is a native of Eastern Africa and recently has started gaining popularity throughout the world.

ZZ plant is a flowering plant but the flower comes very rarely. This plant is famous for its wide, dark green, oval shaped glossy leaves. It propagates easily but grows slowly. This plant lives for a long time and can grow up to 2-4 feet indoor. It has potato-like root under each stem which is called as rhizomes; which stores water and help the plant to withstand drought.

This plant can do photosynthesis under the minimum light which makes it a perfect indoor plant. It effectively absorbs air pollutants like xylene, toluene, benzene etc.

Though ZZ plant is one of the toughest indoor plants but a little care can make the plant looks happy and healthy. The only way to kill this plant is frequent overwatering. Water this plant only when the top part of the soil is dry. Keep the plant dry for few days in between watering. It needs good drainage pot mix so that the excess water can easily drain out and saves the plant from root rot. In order to keep the leaves clean wipe it with a damp cloth whenever required. It grows well under bright indirect sunlight.

This plant should be fertilized in every 6 months with a water soluble reported fertilizer. To avoid root damage, fertilizer should not be applied when the soil is dry. Wait for at least 3-4 months before fertilizing a new plant. For better growth, it should be repotted once in a year.

This plant is toxic to pets. If eaten may cause some problem to human also.

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