Sansevieria Plant Features

Sansevieria also known as Snake Plant or Mother-in-law tongue plant is the most tolerant houseplant which probably the best plant for the first time plant owner. As per NASA, it’s one of the top ten air purifying houseplants. It’s a native of Africa and Asia, now has become the most popular air purifying plant in the world. This plant is also known as a good luck plant.
There are around 50 different varieties of Snake Plant which can grow anywhere between 6 inches to 8 feet high. It has horizontal or vertical striped, sharp and sword-like leaves which grow upright. It can survive in diverse weather conditions.

Snake plant can do photosynthesis under the minimum light which makes it a perfect indoor plant. It’s possibly the only houseplant which gives oxygen in the night. This plant absorbs air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene. It effectively filters formaldehyde which is very commonly found in different cleaning products used in the bathroom. Considering all these facts, Sansevieria may be the best choice to keep in the bedroom and bathroom. It’s generally told that one plant per 100 sqft indoors is an option to make the air around us clean and pure.

Sansevieria use the crassulacean acid metabolism process, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night. This purportedly makes them suitable bedroom plants. However, since the leaves are potentially poisonous if ingested, Sansevieria is not usually recommended for children's bedrooms.

Sansevieria Caring Instruction

Though Snake plant is one of the toughest indoor plant but little care can make the plant looks happy and healthy. The only way to kill this plant is frequent overwatering. Water this plant only when the top part of the soil is dry. Keep the plant dry for few days in
between watering. It needs a very well drainage pot mix so that the excess water can easily drain out and saves the plant from root rot. . In order to keep the leaves clean wipe it with a damp cloth whenever required. For better result keep it under direct sun light for
few hours in every week.
This plant is toxic to pets. If eaten may cause some problem to human also.

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Indoor: Low Light

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The best plant for the first timer

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