Jade Plant Plant Features

Jade Plant also is known as Crassula Ovate is a very famous indoor plant. It is native to South Africa and now has become one of the most popular houseplants in the world. This tough and easy to grow succulent has fleshy, shiny and smooth leaves. It is considered as a Good Luck plant and some people use it as the wedding or house warming gift.
With proper light and sufficient water, Jade Plant grows slowly and in few days looks like a miniature tree. This plant lives for a long time and can grow up to 3-4 feet indoor.

Gradually the top of the plant becomes heavy. When the plant becomes big move, it to a large and heavy container to avoid any mess.

Jade Plant need sufficient sunlight but also goes well in indirect sunlight so better to keep the plant in the brightest corner of the home or office. For better result keep it under direct sunlight for few hours in every week.

Jade Plant is very easy to care but watering is the most important part of its overall health. This plant neither should be over watered nor should be completely dried out. It needs a very well drainage pot mix so that the excess water can easily drain out and saves the plant from root rot. Water the plant when the top part of the soil is dry. While watering, water should not be splashed on the leaves. In order to keep the leaves clean wipe it with a damp cloth whenever required.

This plant should be fertilized in every 6 months with a water soluble fertilizer. To avoid root damage, fertilizer should not be applied when the soil is dry. Wait for at least 3-4 months before fertilizing a new Jade plant.

Though Jade is a very tough plant but may get some problem.

Root rot – If over watered frequently.

Leaf drop – If the soil is extremely dry

Mealybugs and Aphids – rare but should be wiped off with damp cotton.

This plant is toxic to pets. If eaten may cause some problem to human also.

Jade Plant Caring Instruction

Plant Details




Indoor: Medium Light

Outdoor: Shade




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